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Chateau Belle Assise Coureau 2014

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

Deep ruby colour with purple hints, Chateau Belle Assise Coureau 2014 is an elegant and complex wine, with great finesse. The nose is delicate with vanilla and toasted aromas that are combining with spices and licorice notes. With an ample attack, it is fleshy with silky and noble tannins.

Aimed to be aged long, this superb wine can also bring pleasure during its early years.

St. Emilion is a medieval city, perched on a rocky promontory, located at 30km east of Bordeaux, that became universally famous for its wines.

Known as « the hill of the thousand Estates», the vineyard of St. Emilion is the first vineyard landscape in the world to be listed in 1999 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The vines are at the doors of the city. They occupy the steep slopes which extend to the plain of Graves before reaching the sands of the Dordogne river. This unique soil offers ideal conditions: a perfect exposure of the vines to the sun, a mild protection of the river to the roughness of the oceanic climate, various soils of limestone, gravel, ancient sands where the three varieties Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet sauvignon deliver all their potential.

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The Château de Belle-Assise Coureau is located on the gentle sandy slope to the south of the limestone plateau of St-Emilion. The 15,5 hectares vineyard surrounds the House, planted on a ground of ancient sands, crossed by underground veins of gravel. Here, the Merlot and the Cabernet Franc, 35 years of age in average, express marvellously their qualities.

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Vine growing

Our qualitative approach allows the vineyard to recover its natural balance, with a permanent attention to the vine management and sustainable vine-growing methods by ploughing or cover crops, without any use of herbicide.

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Wine making

A deliberately limited production (40/45 hl per hectare) with a soft vinification by variety and plot allows the Merlots to express their fruit and roundness and the Cabernets Francs harvested at full maturity, to reveal their finesse.

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The choice of 6 different types of barrels, paired with the passage in new oak of a part of the wines will bring the final touch and perpetuate the style of Belle Assise Coureau: elegant, charming and complex wines with great finesse.


Coming from a family Estate acquired at the 19th century by the Brun family, Château Belle Assise Coureau is bought by a group of friends in 2013 under the initiative of Jean Pierre Beltoise, former race car driver and winner of the Monaco grand prix (Formula 1) and Alain Garitey, Parisian lawyer. Lionel Gallais runs the Estate and asks Paul Junet, young wine-maker born in Saint-Emilion, to express the full potential of this beautiful terroir.

Born in the Correze region in Tulle, it is during his training at the Hotel management school of Paris that Lionel Gallais is caught by the passion of wine. He gets the first prize in oenology and is invited to visit Bordeaux and all its first growth wines. He then promises himself to seize any opportunity of having one day his own Estate. Restaurateur in Paris since 1963, he will have to wait 50 years before fulfilling his dream when he acquires the Château Belle-Assise Coureau in St Emilion with a group of friends in 2013.

Welcome to the Chateau

  • 271 Belle Assise
  • 33330 Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens
  • Tel : +33 5 57 24 61 62
  • Sandrine Duponteil
  • Open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30AM to 12:00PM and from 1:30PM to 5:00PM